Teaching Defense – Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class – Certificate of Completion

  • Certificate of Completion for Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class
  • Emailed and Downloadable in PDF Format
  • Basic Firearm Safety 101 Class Must be Completed

This is the official certificate of completion for the Basic Firearm Safety 101 Online class. The Basic Firearm Safety 101 class is free, however a certificate of completion is not included with the free registration. 

The certificate can be purchased before or after the Basic Firearm Safety 101 class is completed. Once the class is completed and this certificate is purchased, you will have access to download your certificate. 

The certificate will contain the course name, your name, the completion date and the instructor’s name. 

All reviews are verified from real customers who have taken the online class.

381 reviews
I was pleased with the in-depth nature of the training. It makes a fitting complement to my firearm knowledge.
Bruce Alexander Avatar
Bruce A.
Hands down by far the easiest and most well taught course. I’ve attempted to obtain my LTC before and I… read more
Edgar Mauricio Mellado Lopez Avatar
Edgar M.
Good content. A few misspellings on the slides.
John Gaetz Avatar
John G.
Good pace of the course. Enough time to read the slides and absorb the information.
Kristopher Chappell Avatar
Kristopher C.
it was very convenient, and easy to follow the material. The class covered all of the necessary information to pass… read more
Jimmy Johnson Avatar
Jimmy J.
The course was easy to follow, very informative, and easy to finish even with a busy schedule
bradly diffie Avatar
bradly d.
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Eric has over 19 years of law enforcement experience and is a full time firearms and tactics instructor for a large police department in Texas.  He is the lead instructor for the department’s cadet curriculum and holds certifications in multiple less lethal force options and is a certified instructor for active shooter response.

He is a founding member of his department’s marksmanship team and holds Master Class rankings in both USPSA and IDPA and multiple Grand Master rankings in SCSA.  Eric is an avid competitor and is the Match Director for the largest Law Enforcement / Military multigun shooting competition in the country.  

When he is not on the range Eric enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his family and building custom furniture.

Certifications Include: